smartLAB genie + and smartLAB global

They’re back - smartLAB genie + and smartLAB global

Blood glucose meters of the smartLAB pro series with data transmission

With the smartLAB genie + and the smartLAB global, two popular blood glucose meters are returning to the product portfolio, which opens a new perspective for the smartLAB pro series. Both blood glucose meters enable a data transmission to a suitable receiving device. So you can collect your blood glucose values on your smartphone or tablet, or simply send the data to your PC.

The smartLAB genie + is the all-rounder among the blood glucose meters. The smartLAB genie + calculates the average value of the last 7, 14, 28 or 90 days, has a clear display for a good reading of the values ​​as well as a large value memory. In addition, the glucose system is equipped with the ANT + technology. This allows data to be transferred to your Samsung or Sony mobile device. The data is accessed via the hLine app. It is important to note that ANT is supported only by Samsung and Sony mobile devices. With the hLine ANT USB adapter, you can also transfer your data directly to a suitable online portal via the PC.

With the smartLAB global, you will receive a blood glucose meter in check card format that fits into any pocket. It has a measured value memory of 100 values ​​and requires only a small amount of blood to measure. Android Smartphone users can receive data via Bluetooth. The integrated Bluetooth module sends the measured values ​​immediately after the measurement to the appropriate receiver. The data can also be transmitted directly to the PC via Bluetooth.

The smartLAB genie + as well as the smartLAB global fulfill the latest ISO standard for blood glucose meters. The correct test strips are the smartLAB pro test strips.

The smartLAB pro blood glucose series offers many self-payers a high-quality and affordable way to regularly measure their own blood glucose level. More information about our smartLAB pro series here.

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