Neu APP enables wireless data transfer of smartLAB® Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure monitors

Heidelberg-Dossenheim, 27.06.2016 | The new hLine APP for iOS and Android receives measured vital data of different smartLAB® Smart devices with data transmission.

With the new hLine APP the HMM Group presents an APP for data exchange of measured data with several smartLAB® devices with a mobile device.

The hLine APP shows measured values out of different areas such as blood glucose, blood pressure, weight & step counts. This APP works with several smartLAB® devices, among these the smartLAB global W nG blood glucose monitor as well as the smartLAB profi+ blood pressure monitor. Additionally the activity monitors by smartLAB® and the bathroom scales with data transmission can be connected to the hLine APP. These devices mostly support Bluetooth® Smart or ANT+ wireless data transfer. Soon the new smartLAB profi W with Bluetooth® Smart and ANT+ data transmission will be available.

The hLine APP is very user friendly with a modern design and an intuitive handling. It was very important to the HMM team to develope an APP with a user-friendly interface to enable a pleasant use for the user. The main view offers the dairy, which appears when starting the APP. Additionally values can be entered manually, if not being in possession of all smartLAB® devices. The User can enter his blood glucose value, the measured blood pressure or his weight manually and keep an overview of his vital data. The individual values can be displayed by choosing the accordant area. These values are shown as table or graph.

The hLine APP supports the Bluetooth® Smart protocol as well as the ANT+ standard protocol. This way the connection to different mobile devices is enabled, if these support either one of these technologies.

The development of this APP was very important to Maher Khoury, CEO of the HMM Group, and is pleased with the result: “Nowadays it is difficult for some people to keep a general overview especially being flooded by all these information from all around. However it is important, especially concerning the own health, to keep an overview of own vital data. This is possible with the new hLine APP combined with smartLAB devices from different areas of interest.“

„One specialty of the hLine APP is the automatic and easy data collection. The user only needs to measure his values like before. These measured data will then be automatically transferred to the APP. And if the mobile device is not close during the measurement, most smartLAB devices save the value and will send it to the APP at a later time. If the user only has one smartLAB device but still wants to collect further vital data he can enter these manually. This way he can keep a general overview. We are still working on the APP to enable a connection to different Cloud services such as and the Apple Health Kit“, Khoury said.

The APP is available für iOS and Android in the accordant Store. The smartLAB® devices are available in our own online store

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