NEW! smartLAB kitchen W kitchen scale with Bluetooth

Your personal kitchen help!

The smartLAB kitchen W kitchen scale is your personal help in your kitchen. This kitchen scale supports you by fast and accurate weighing of different foods. You can choose between the units g and lb: oz. The smartLAB kitchen W can weigh up to 5000 g and is easy to clean thanks to the glass surface.

Smart Kitchen Scale

The smartLAB kitchen W has an integrated Bluetooth Module, which enables the data transmission of measured values ​​to corresponding receivers. Transfer your values ​​to your smartphone or tablet and evaluate the nutritional values ​​in the appropriate app.

Keep track of your diet

With this kitchen scale, you can use an app to determine the nutritional value of your food and thus keep an overview of your nutrition plan. With the fitmefit food app, available for Android and iOS, this evaluation is possible on your smartphone or tablet.

The smartLAB kitchen W scale is available in our Online Shop

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