Keep an overview of the vital data of you or your relatives with the hLine packages

Today it is often difficult to find the time for your relatives. This can be due to a tough working life or long distances. However, most have the desire to know how the mother, grandmother or uncle is feeling, even though distance is between them. This is possible with the hLine packages for various chronical illnesses. is a system in the field of telemedicine, which can be easily integrated. It is a complete system from a single source. In addition to the required smartLAB diagnostic devices, data transmitters as well as a portal are part of the system, in which measured data can be viewed and managed.

Various packages for diabetes, hypertension and cardiac insufficiency are offered. Now it is to decide whether the system should be used for self-management or relative management.

The smartLAB devices do not differ in their handling and function from other measuring instruments in the respective area. Special is that all these devices are equipped with wireless data technologies to enable a data transfer. The patient measures his values as usual, the transfer of the data takes place automatically after each measurement.

The data will be transferred to the hLine-Online portal through a smartphone. Necessary is the hLine App, which is available for iOS and Android. After each measurement, data will be received by the app and send to the portal as soon as it has an internet connection.

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