The new "fitmefit move" and "fitmefit scale" APPs are available now.

 Check our new Apps "fitmefit scale" and "fitmefit move"

With these Apps you can keep an overview of your walked steps as well as your weight.

When you are in possesion of a smartLAB activity monitor, the "fitmefit move" is the App for you. With this App you can collect your walked steps. display your calorie consumtion and see your walked distance. Compare your daily step counts and see your increasement! Additionally you can include a smartLAB weight scale into the App and keep an overview of your weight.

If you have a smartLAB scale you can use either the fitmefit scale App or the fitmefit move App. The "fitmefit scale" App can only include a scale and is best if you only have a smartLAB scale. This App can also be used without a scale as you can enter your weight manually and keep an overview of your weight.

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